Here you are, looking to buy a property.

And you will probably go through a few before you can call one ‘home’. But among all these dazzling views and stunning decors – how can you be sure that you are not buying the styling?

Property styling.

Property styling is there to charm you by enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. It also helps to visualise how various spaces can be used. Sometimes, it can even lead to a higher purchase price. How? Let’s imagine that two identical properties are on the market.

Property 1.

It greets you with beautiful furniture and cute matching accessories. In the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen you see fresh clean linen neatly placed and brand new appliances that look like they’ve never been touched. You also notice the house smells like a day spa.

Buying Property Styling - Styled Property

Property 2.
You notice that furniture that has been worn in and is slightly out-of-date. The appliances seem to be the same. And while the property has been cleaned by the owners to their best ability, there is still some clutter here and there.
Buying Property Styling - Unstyled property

In your eyes, does the property that’s been styled appeal to you more than the other property? Do you think it worth more? Has it been maintained better than the other property?

The effect of the property styling could make you think the answers to the above questions are all yes.

But don’t be blinded.

Of course, the idea of living in a beautiful modern home appeals to everybody. But don’t forget that once previous owners are gone – so will the furnishings (in most cases) and you will have an empty space to work with. So don’t let your feeling take over!

3 helpful tips on how to not buy styling.

1. Will your furniture fit?
Furniture displayed at the property is carefully selected to create an illusion of more space. And while the items you see there seem large and fit perfectly, don’t be fooled by smart styling. If you are getting serious about a particular property, take your time to review the plans and measure your current furnishings, especially if certain areas look a tad tight.
Buying Property Styling - Big Furniture
2. Does the property suit your needs?

Is there enough storage? Is the kitchen big enough? What about the bedrooms – will they fit all your items? Is there an outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about? Think about things that you won’t be able to change easily and check whether the property actually suits YOUR needs. After all, buying a property is probably the most expensive decision you will ever make and you don’t want it to be a wrong one.

Buying Property Styling - Small Kitchen

3. Are there any issues with the property?

It is essential that you check whether the property you are about to buy has any issues – or you could find yourself buying problems. Building & Pest Inspections for houses or Strata Records Inspections for apartments will help you identify any issues hiding beneath the glossy looks and understand what the property is really like.

Many buyers form an emotional connection with properties they particularly like and letting it go isn’t always easy. But you must be prepared to walk away if a property doesn’t fit the bill.

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