Buying property? Rainy weekend?

Before cancelling your inspection plans, read on.

Sun-filled rooms and a warm breeze certainly help create a great first impression of a property and can sometimes add perceived value to the place. Some open homes and inspections even get cancelled in bad weather conditions.

But really, do you, as a buyer, want to see a property in its best light?

Yes, it’s inconvenient to go property hunting when it’s raining. But in fact, bad weather is the best time for it!

Why inspect a property in bad weather?

You get to try before you buy. As an everyday example; if you were planning a hiking trip and wanted to purchase some appropriate clothing, you would look for a jacket that is fit for the kind of conditions you will be experiencing. The jacket label might tell you that it’s waterproof and windproof. Yet, you can’t test this out until you’re exposed to bad weather conditions. Only then will you know if it does the job.

The same principle applies when buying property. Photography, styling and advertising can only tell you so much. These tools are also often used to enhance or hide certain features of a property. But when you physically experience the property in bad weather, it can reveal defects that would have otherwise be hidden on a sunny day.

Buying Property - Rainy weather defects

What to look out for when inspecting property in bad weather:

1. Heavy rain can reveal water leaks, water pooling, blocked pipes and gutters. Additional costs need to be factored in to replace drains or clear gutters.

2. High winds can reveal loose hinges, roof tiles and other items that are not fixed in position or need replacing. It’s much better and cheaper to fix them in advance of a big storm, where your home contents are likely to be damaged.

3. Extended periods of rain can reveal dampness and low-light areas. Mould or rising damp are not the end of the world, but require attention to make the property comfortable to live in.

Seeing a house in this real and imperfect weather can be a real eye opener. And it is actually a positive thing! So the next time you’re looking to buy a property and the weather is bad, put on your new wet weather jacket, keep safe, and head to see your potential new property with all its imperfections.

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