A successful real estate business is built on referrals from happy clients. But generating these referrals consistently can be challenging even for the best agents, because making someone happy enough to start actively promoting you and your business isn’t always easy.

Unsuccessful buyers

Interestingly enough, real estate agents don’t always recognise unsuccessful buyers as a potential source of referrals. While successful buyers are often also sellers, the potential buyers are also evaluating your service.

For them, missing out on yet another property is frustrating – who knows how many they have missed out on before. On top of that, costs start stacking up too: for every property they like, buyers need to invest time, pay a fee to their conveyancer to review the contract for sale, organise an inspection report.

How can you help?

These days, more selling agents recognise the value in making an inspection report for their listing more accessible. If an inspection report is already available for a property, this will save buyers precious time. And if it is available for a low or even no cost at all – even better!

We help buyers through the inspection process every day, and you’d be surprised how many things can go wrong. Thus, inspecting a property can become a very stressful process, especially when time is limited. And often, time pressure is being exerted by real estate agents themselves, adding even more stress to the process.

Therefore, getting an inspection done at the start of your campaign will not only help buyers do their checks, but it can also help you close a sale faster.

However, making a report available alone won’t give you a happy client. It is important to remember that a report is only part of a good inspection service. If you commission a report that is poor quality, has basic or inferior presentation, and buyers have no or poor access to the inspector to ask questions, how do you think they will feel? Frustrated. And they will be unhappy with you too because you are the one referring them to that poor report and sub-standard service.

Don’t think they don’t care

You may think that follow-up support and customer protection are not important to buyers as long as they have access to the report, but you are wrong. We talk to buyers every day and we know that these elements of a property inspection are very important to them. They may not say anything and take your report, because why wouldn’t they? But it doesn’t mean they are happy with what they get.

That’s why you need to start seeing beyond the report when it comes to property inspections. Of course, it is tempting to get the cheapest inspector, especially when marketing budgets are tight, but is it really worth saving a small amount if it could cost you numerous happy clients and reduce the chances of future referrals?

Here at EYEON, we might not be the cheapest, but we care enough to provide the best possible quality and service. And we don’t just say it: our words are backed by feedback from hundreds property buyers and sellers who loved our service and said they would recommend it to family and friends.

Why is this so important?

One really important aspect of property inspections is that they are about the only way for buyers to confirm what you’ve told them about the property. If that service is professionally delivered, buyers will feel more confident about the service you provide, whether or not they buy that property from you. And they are likely to tell their family and friends about a good experience they had.

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