Property inspections are mostly done by individual contractors. It’s a cottage industry, for the most part.

Many inspectors do a good job, but they aren’t perfect, and they all have bad days.

As a result, your typical inspector is going to make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes. That means inspection reports can contain significant errors or exclude important information. And here’s the most important part. Inspectors often don’t know how bad their reports are because they don’t know they’ve missed important stuff. Why? Because no-one checks their work. And let’s admit that spotting your own mistakes is challenging.

It’s a reality and it increases risk for all parties involved in that property transaction.

We do thousands of inspections each year, so risk management is very important to us. I’ll wager we know a lot more about inspection report quality than any other inspection business. Why? Because very early on we developed a system of quality assurance processes that includes:

  • Strict inspector on-boarding processes
  • Ongoing training and support for inspectors
  • Ongoing improvements of report formats and customer support
  • 100% checking of inspection reports
  • Feedback for inspectors on quality and reporting
  • A warning system that helps us to predict error rates and minimise them

But, even though we have good inspectors working for us, we regularly find errors and omissions when we check their reports. It’s a fact of life that people will make mistakes. Our systems help to eliminate them. I’m not saying our systems are perfect – there’s no such thing. But we know it’s a lot better than what happens in other businesses.

Let’s be clear. Checking that an inspector is carrying insurance is not quality assurance. That’s just basic compliance.

But many inspection businesses tout it as proof of the quality of their reports. And just because some mistakes are never noticed doesn’t mean reports with mistakes are OK.

You would be shocked if I listed the range of errors we have seen. You should be concerned about reports quality too. If you are not, you are not acting in the best interests of your clients – buyers and sellers.

You are exposing them to unnecessary risks and exposing your business as well.

Ask yourself, or your current inspector one question: Who independently checks their work?

Why risk it?

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Best Regards,
Michael Ferrier
MD EYEON Property Inspections

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