EYEON is an independent property information business with a vision to provide the best possible consumer advice and to lead by innovation in the market.


Property advice needs to be tailored to specific properties and markets. It isn't possible to provide a one size, fits all approach. There is a lot of information available about property but most of it is fairly general.  Our information is property specific and is provided by qualified professionals.  We provide market leading customer service.


What makes EYEON independent?

  • Our customers are both property buyers and sellers. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our reports provide practical information without conflicts of interest.
  • Our professional approach to client relationships and our dealings with legal advisers, financial advisers and real estate agents.
  • We partner with Herron Todd White, Australia's largest independent property advisors with over 40 years of experience for the delivery of some of our services such as property valuation.


How does EYEON work?