Lifetime HomeBinder Account

HomeBinder is a Homeowner’s best friend. It is a clever online home management application that comes with some amazing features designed to help you manage your home maintenance needs and organise valuable reports to help sell your home when the time comes. HomeBinder is guaranteed to make your homeownership easier and more enjoyable.

EYEON Property Inspections have partnered with HomeBinder so that our clients could enjoy all perks and benefits that come with the app. When you purchase an EYEON Report for a property that you end up buying, we will set up a complimentary lifetime HomeBinder account ($500 value) for you at no cost. You just need to let us know once you’ve found your new home.






Once we have established your new home ownership, we will create a HomeBinder for you. It will come with a recommended maintenance reminder schedule, and you’ll just need to claim your binder by following a simple process as shown below:



If you have any questions about HomeBinder or our services, please don’t hesitate contacting us on 1300 798 274 or