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Selling Property - Strata Reports and Building Reports

Selling property is overwhelming but we can take some of this stress away.

Getting a property inspection report done is often overlooked by a seller but this can add great value to the selling process. How? By organising an EYEON report before going to market, you will receive better information about the condition of your property and can fix any deal-breaker issues upfront.

How are EYEON inspections different?

Through our innovative model, Open Access, prospective buyers have easy and cheap access to our reports and service. This will save buyers time, remove any unwanted last-minute stress and enable a faster sale for you.

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“It was a good recommendation by my agent – it gave me confidence that I knew what issues potential buyers might raise, and offered a valuable tool for seeing which parties were truly engaging in the sales process. We knew those who paid for the downloaded report were serious contenders.”

Kaye M, Seller

We provide high quality Strata Reports and Building and Timber Pest Reports that are detailed yet easy to read. But to us, property inspections are a lot more than just a report. It’s about helping people.


• Our Open Access service helps buyers to complete checks on your property faster, enabling a quicker sale.
• You will be less stressed as you’re made aware of any issues upfront and can plan for them.
• Follow up support provided to all potential buyers who subsequently purchase a report.
• Your selling agent will receive better feedback about serious buyers.
• We run a rebate program for vendors where you have an opportunity to get 50% of the cost back if 4 or more buyers download our report from our website.
• Over 95% of property sellers have told us our service has helped them in the sale of their property.

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Selling Property - Strata Reports and Building Reports

“As a seller, you never know what impact your marketing strategies have on the buyer (including EYEON, of course). It seems to me that having reports available to all potential purchasers is a great idea, adding a level of certainty to a very important decision.”

Michael W, Seller


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“It’s a very convenient service that saved me a lot of time in a somewhat quick decision making process to buy a property. I’ll use this service for when I sell my property next year as it provides buyers the confidence that you have in your own property, avoids multiple builder walk through who are there only to criticize the property to lower the sell price expectations. Your service avoids all this and provides information the required independence.”

Phil T, Buyer