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Property Inspections add tremendous value to the selling process by helping manage some of the selling risks better. They close important property information gaps and enable faster and more confident decisions for buyers.

At EYEON, we offer reliable, quality and easy-to-read inspection reports which feature consistency, unique quality assurance,
complete customer protection and unmatched customer support we are proud off.

We specialise in Strata Reports and Building and Pest Reports for property buyers and sellers and cover all of
Sydney, Wollongong and Central Coast areas. Our Strata Records Inspection Service is also available in Perth.

Strata Reports and Building and Pest Reports for Property Buyers
Strata Reports and Building and Pest Reports for Property Sellers


We put our name behind every report.
All our reports are EYEON reports. Many other businesses simply upload reports in the inspector’s own business name. Why does that matter? Because it means you get consistency and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

We have a full-time customer service team who provide you with fabulous support.
We will back our customer service to at least match whoever else you have been dealing with, every time. Test us out!

We do more than just talk about quality.
We make sure we deliver it. We do that by using a 100% quality assurance process that no other inspection firm offers. We aren’t saying we are perfect but we know that many errors in reports occur because the work of inspectors isn’t checked properly (or at all in most cases).

We keep our reports up to date.
That means if new information becomes available after the inspection (e.g. vendor carries out repairs or new AGM/EGM minutes) we update our report and automatically provide a copy to clients who have already purchased it.

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Other businesses have copied some bits (usually the easy bits) of what we do and then offered reports at a lower cost. But cost and value aren’t the same thing. The value we provide comes through the integrated and consistent service you receive and your clients enjoy.

As proof of our value, some agents have tried competing options because of lower cost and “similar features”. But almost all those agents have returned to our service because “it’s just better”.

We constantly test our service and value by asking customers for feedback. That’s how we know we are getting things mostly right. And on the odd occasion that we do get bad feedback we make it right and our systems are improved to prevent it from happening again.

Your clients are more likely to have a better overall experience. Many of our agent clients have told us that we help improve their listing referrals because of better transparency and professionalism. We don’t charge anything for that.