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EYEON Property Inspections was started in 2008 because we saw an opportunity to provide a more helpful, higher quality inspection service to property buyers and sellers. We chose to support individual inspectors by putting unique systems and checks in place to improve the inspection process, deliver much more reliable reports, and provide high-level customer support. Now we are trying to help even more by creating insightful resources and offering dedicated services not just for buyers and sellers, but also for property owners so you can buy, own and sell your strata property with more confidence.

In 2020 our services became available in Western Australia, where recent strata law changes have created new rules and obligations that directly affect strata property buyers and sellers. Our team of experts offers decades of experience in WA strata landscape to help you navigate through these changes and transform the way you own strata property.



We put our name behind every report.
All our reports are EYEON reports. Many other businesses simply upload reports in the inspector’s own business name. Why does that matter? Because it means you get consistency and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

We have a full-time customer service team who provide you with fabulous support.
We will back our customer service to at least match whoever else you have been dealing with, every time. Test us out!

We do more than just talk about quality.
We make sure we deliver it. We do that by using a 100% quality assurance process that no other inspection firm offers. We aren’t saying we are perfect but we know that many errors in reports occur because the work of inspectors isn’t checked properly (or at all in most cases).

We keep our reports up to date.
That means if new information becomes available after the inspection within reasonable timeframe (e.g. vendor carries out repairs or new AGM/EGM minutes) we update our report and automatically provide a copy to clients who have already purchased it.



Strata Reports WA


An inspection of the available strata records, such as minutes, financial reports, compliance documentation, correspondence, legal files, defects information, etc. to determine a Strata Company’s current position. The results of the inspection are summarised and presented in a Strata Report, you can see a sample here. A Strata Report can help identify numerous strata issues, for example defects, major planned works and poor financial position. Strata records inspections are beneficial to property buyers, property sellers, as well as Strata Companies looking to switch strata managers. See our prices here.



Book a personal consultation with one of our experts to have your trickiest strata questions answered. With decades of experience in WA strata landscape, we are well-equipped to assist you with all kind of matters – from helping you understand your strata complex in general to dealing with specific issues, e.g. repairs required to you lot or building defects. We are generous with our knowledge, and our rates are very competitive. Contact us on 1300 798 274 to find out more.

Strata Consultations WA
Records Inspections WA


During the life of a strata complex, most Strata Companies will find themselves looking for a new strata managing agent (SMA). Whenever you appoint a new SMA, the handover of existing records needs to be arranged. 90-95% of records transfers are poor. This creates problems for owners later on, especially on sale or if there is a dispute or legal issue affecting the building. This service is for owners who want to secure their strata records, preserve accurate information about their scheme, and maximise their incoming SMA’s potential. Contact us today to find out more.