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Property inspections have long been a cottage industry. That means one person is responsible for all aspects of the inspection and customer support. But the problem is that providing property information, particularly on apartment buildings, is too important to rely on the inconsistencies and errors that plague people working alone.

Building inspectors report on what they see at a house and rely on their experience and expertise to assess defects. Meanwhile, strata inspectors report on all aspects of the strata records. This is important work, but there is no minimum standard of experience or expertise required to do it.

When we started EYEON Property Inspections in 2008, we saw an opportunity to improve reports and support, so that property buyers and sellers would receive a more professional and higher quality inspection service. We chose to support individual inspectors by putting unique systems and checks in place to improve the inspection process, deliver much more reliable reports, and provide high-level customer support.

Today, our services are available in all of Sydney, Wollongong and Central Coast areas. Our Strata Inspection service is now also available to customers in Perth. And we are trying to do even more to help property buyers and sellers by actively sharing our knowledge through various platforms, including our YouTube channel, LookUp Strata, podcasts, such as Your Strata Property, and our own resources section.


We put our name behind every report.

Some inspection businesses aren’t what they seem. They simply offer reports from individual inspectors with no quality checks or customer support.
They are just middlemen and aren’t accountable for the work of inspectors and, in many cases, don’t even know how to do the inspection work.
All our reports are EYEON Reports. We stand behind our report quality and directly support our customers.

We have a full-time customer service team who provide you with fabulous support.

One person businesses are notoriously bad at returning calls or emails. They are flat out doing work or finding the next job. We think follow-up support is at least as important as providing good quality information. Because let’s face it, if you don’t properly understand the information, how can it help you make a very important emotional and financial decision?
At EYEON, we back our customer service to at least match whoever else you have been dealing with, every time.

We do more than just talk about quality.

We make sure we deliver it. Strata inspectors cannot check their own work effectively. We have over 10 years of data on inspector error rates. That’s why we check 100% of our strata reports. Strata information can be complex, and even the best inspectors make multiple mistakes, omissions and oversights every week.
Our unique QA systems catch most of these errors and deliver unrivalled report quality to our customers.

We keep our reports up to date.

Strata inspectors rarely (if ever) update their reports if new information becomes available. Nor do they follow up properly on missing information.
This means reports can be outdated quickly or fail to tell the full story of what’s happening in an apartment building.
EYEON team proactively follows up on missing or pending new information information, and updates are automatically provided to customers who already have our report.





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