About EYEON Property Inspections

EYEON Property Inspections was started 8 years ago because we saw an opportunity to provide a more helpful, higher quality inspection service to property buyers and sellers. Sure, there were plenty of good inspectors out there. But in this cottage industry with fairly poor customer service and high costs buyers were getting frustrated.

We started by offering a dedicated customer support and rebates to buyers if they weren’t successful buying a property. We still offer rebates on our full priced reports. But we knew there was more we could do to help our customers.

We always believed that easier access to high quality information and support improves outcomes for all parties involved in a property transaction. So nearly 4 years ago we introduced our Open Access Inspections service for houses and apartments. This service reduces costs for buyers in checking properties out by 80% and provides complementary benefits for sellers by making it easier and quicker for buyers to check their place out. Sellers also benefit from knowing more about their property and feel more confident about marketing it because the stressful inspection process is dealt with upfront. That’s why we called it Open Access. It helps both sides of the transaction in different but important ways.

To us, property inspections are a lot more than just a report. It’s about helping people. And that’s what really makes us different. We happily share our knowledge, our expertise and our time to make sure you receive the best experience in the industry, regardless whether you decide to use our service or not.

And now we are trying to help even more by creating insightful resources for property owners, buyers and especially sellers as there isn’t much information available to them about the process of getting their property inspection-ready.

We do all this for one simple reason: we want to help you buy or sell with more confidence.