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Property is the biggest asset you will ever buy. And it would be crazy to purchase without knowing whether the property has any major structural defects. Think about any other large expense, like buying a boat, a car or high-end appliances – you surely would want to have at least some form of warranty provided.

Unfortunately, there is no warranty when it comes to buying an established home, so it’s vital that you make sure you are not buying a lemon.

And this is where a Building & Pest Inspection comes in. A Building Inspector will carry out a non-invasive visual inspection of a property to identify major defects, risks and safety concerns. The Inspector assesses the condition of the property in comparison with other properties of similar age and type. The results of the inspection are presented in a Building & Pest Report which is designed to help you make a more informed decision about the property you are looking to buy.



Building & Pest Inspections
All our inspectors are licensed and qualified to carry out both, Building Inspections and Pest Inspections. This means you will only need to speak to one person to get any report-related questions answered.

The Building Inspection identifies major defects and safety risks at the property. It also comments on the incidence of minor defects. Subject to safe and reasonable access, the Inspector will be assessing the condition of the following areas: the interior; the external roof and roof void; the exterior; the sub floor; and garages or outbuildings.

The Pest Inspection provides advice about timber pest activity at the property. It also assesses the risk of a pest infestation and provides information about current or past timber pest attacks by: subterranean and dampwood termites (white ants); borers of seasoned timber; and wood decay fungi (rot).

Our Building & Pest Reports are comprehensive, yet easy to read. And our Inspectors are available to provide any required support.



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Because we have a big advantage over all other inspection businesses: We Care More!
That means we care enough to:

• Put our name behind every report. All our reports are EYEON reports. Many other businesses simply upload reports in the inspector’s own business name. Why does that matter? Because it means you get consistency and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

• Have a full-time customer service team who supports you throughout the process.

• Do more than just talk about quality. We make sure we deliver it. We do that by using a 100% quality assurance process that no other inspection firm offers. We aren’t saying we are perfect but we know that many errors in reports occur because the work of inspectors isn’t checked properly (or at all in most cases).

• All full-priced reports are eligible for a rebate if you don’t buy the property.

We can assist you if you need some help understanding the information in your Building & Pest Report better. Just give us a call.

Building & Pest Inspections


We pride ourselves on our high-quality, thorough yet easy-to-read reports. And if you have any questions,
our customer service team and inspectors are there to assist you as much as they can.

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