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Increasingly, property buyers are attracted to the idea of apartment living. But when buying an apartment, you will also be buying into the building (called a Strata Scheme) along with any issues this building might have. The Strata Scheme is jointly owned by all individual apartment owners (called an Owners Corporation) who are responsible for maintaining the building, and each owner has to pay their share of the associated costs.

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And this is where a Strata Records Inspection comes in. A Strata Records Inspector will be searching the records of the Owners Corporation to determine its current position. The Inspector’s findings are then recorded in a Strata Report. The main purpose of this report is to help you make a more informed decision about what kind of building you would be buying into.



Property Inspections for Real Estate Agents - Strata Reports or Building Reports
Our inspectors usually look at 3-5 years worth of records, depending on a Strata Office as record-keeping policy varies between them. Our Strata Reports will help answer the following questions:

• What are the current levies and are there any monies owing?
• Are there any current or proposed special levies?
• What is the current financial position of the Owners Corporation?
• Is there any current litigation?
• Are there any notices or orders issued by the Council?
• Are pets permitted?
• Is the building adequately insured?
• What is the maintenance history?
• Are there any known defects and associated remediation projects?
• Are any major works coming up?

EYEON Strata Reports contains answers to the above and more, enabling you to make an informed decision to buy (or not to buy) a property you are interested in.



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Because we have a big advantage over all other inspection businesses: We Care More!
That means we care enough to:

• Put our name behind every report. All our reports are EYEON reports. Many other businesses simply upload reports in the inspector’s own business name. Why does that matter? Because it means you get consistency and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

• Have a full-time customer service team who supports you throughout the process.

• Do more than just talk about quality. We make sure we deliver it. We do that by using a 100% quality assurance process that no other inspection firm offers. We aren’t saying we are perfect but we know that many errors in reports occur because the work of inspectors isn’t checked properly (or at all in most cases).

• All full-priced reports are eligible for a rebate if you don’t buy the property.

We can assist you if you need some help understanding the information in your Strata Report better. Just give us a call.

Selling Property - Strata Reports and Building Reports


We pride ourselves on our high-quality, thorough yet easy-to-read reports. And if you have any questions,
our customer service team and inspectors are there to assist you as much as they can.

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