Get an independent inspection report before your property goes to market

  • Buyers save up to 80% on due diligence costs
  • Better information = better property marketing
  • Give buyers confidence during the purchase process
  • Cheaper due diligence for buyers means more serious enquiries

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How does EYEON reduce costs for buyers?


Vendor shares in the cost of the initial inspection

Think of EYEON reports as just another part of your standard property marketing activities. Use our simple online interface to book inspections and our friendly, helpful staff will make sure the inspection report is online when your property goes to market.


Buyers save 80% on report costs and get immediate access

Give buyers immediate access to inspection reports online at a dramatically reduced price. More serious buyers can do their due dilligence very quickly and easily and you only have to deal with one inspection appointment.


Agents and vendors get realtime reporting on buyer activity

EYEON reports open up a new, interactive sales and marketing channel where you can see in real time who is serious about the property.

What our customers have to say about our services?

Chad Twist

The report was conducted very quickly and to a professional manner.
I personally spoke to the builder that completed the report for 30 mins and found him very informative and he elaborated on the sections of the report which I wanted further detail on.

Daniel and Bianca Angelov Leichhardt

To the team at EYEON,

A huge thanks not just to the inspectors who looked at the numerous properties I was interested in, but also to the office staff who made the booking process so simple and more importantly, quickly!

I finally had some luck at auction and have secured a house, but there were quite a few properties beforehand which required urgent reports. On every occasion, the team went out of their way to help and provide reliable advice which gave the comfort that I could go to auction and bid with confidence.

I can't be happier with your service.
Thanks again for the peace-of-mind!

Michaela Turner

So far I have been very impressed with the service. I actually rang EYEON to say what a wonder initiative your rebate for customers that do not proceed to buy the property is as it gets extremely expensive for anyone trying to buy a unit in this market. I mentioned that because of this I would use EYEON for all my strata reports and would definitely recommend them.

Many thanks,


Questions & Answers

Who is EYEON?

EYEON is an independent property information business providing market leading due diligence reports to property buyers and sellers. EYEON provides outstanding customer services to our customers and partners.

Is EYEON working with the Vendor or Selling Agent?

EYEON always provides its products and services independently. Remaining independent is important to us and we will not work with any individual or business that tries to influence our work. Our Open Access reports (see question below) are designed to provide benefits to buyers by making access to reports at 80% less than usual. We are able to offer this benefit by getting the vendor to contribute to the cost of the inspection.

How do EYEON Open Access reports work?

EYEON developed our Open Access service to help reduce the cost and risk for buyers when checking out properties. Open Access inspection reports can be downloaded from EYEON for 80% less than the usual cost of reports. Apart from the low download cost Open Access reports are exactly the same as any other EYEON report.

We can offer this low download cost by explaining to the property vendor the benefits or making it easier, quicker and cheaper for buyers to get better information about their property. Open Access vendors contribute to the cost of our inspection and are entitled to see a copy of our report but they do not influence the report.

If you download an Open Access report and then buy that property, you will also be liable to pay a Buyer Report Fee. If you don’t buy the property your only cost is the download fee. Full details about the Buyer Report Fee are provided before you download the report.

How does EYEON differ from other inspection businesses?

  1. EYEON reports can be ordered and purchased online making the process of getting your reports very simple.
  2. EYEON offers customers a rebate when they purchase a pre-purchase report from EYEON but don't proceed to buy that property.
  3. EYEON Open Access Reports enable buyers to access inspection reports for 80% less than usual.
  4. EYEON has assembled an Inspection Panel of experienced, insured inspectors so you can be confident the report you receive is reliable and comprehensive.
  5. EYEON offers outstanding customer service and follow up.

How do I claim an EYEON rebate?

If you’ve bought a report eligible for a rebate and you didn’t buy the property, just email us and we’ll process your rebate within 1 business day.

What are the limitations of Pre-purchase Building and Timber Pest Reports?

These reports are based on an inspection of all accessible areas of the property. However, it is a VISUAL inspection only and does not include any invasive activities. The inspection is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards to provide information about major and minor defects observed during the property inspection. Full details about the scope of the inspection and its limitations can be found in our Client Agreement. You will be able to view our Client Agreement before ordering a report on the EYEON website.

What are the limitations of Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Reports?

The reports are a summary of the strata records for a unit/apartment block. These records are kept by the Strata Manager and are physically inspected by the Strata Inspector. A Strata Inspection Report is not an inspection of the building itself. The purpose of the reports is to provide information about the financial position of the owners corporation and to provide information about current or past issues at the building. The report can only set out information recorded in the strata records and made available for inspection. Full details about the scope of the inspection and its limitations can be found in our Client Agreement. You will be able to view our Client Agreement before ordering a report on the EYEON website.

Why do I need to get a pre-purchase property report?

Buying a property is a big decision and it shouldn’t be left to chance. Pre-purchase reports provide valuable information that can give you improved confidence and peace of mind in making your property decision. The investment to purchase a report is very small compared to the property investment you will make. To make the most of the report you purchase, please follow up on the report with us if you are unsure about anything in the report or just want to get some further insights about the property you are thinking of buying.

How long does it take to get a Report?

Where an inspection report has already been prepared, the report is available anytime for immediate purchase via download from or by calling 1300 798 274. Where a report is not yet available we can arrange for an inspection to be carried out - usually within a day of your order. The report will be available within 24 hours of the inspection but often on the day of the inspection.

How long does an Inspection Report stay valid?

All property reports have a limited lifespan as they must reflect recent property information. Reports are valid for UP TO three months from the property or strata inspection date. If you wish to rely on an older report, it can only provide historical information about the property and may not reflect the current condition of the property. We usually recommend a new inspection be carried out.

What if I don’t understand something in the Report?

EYEON staff and our inspectors are available to answer your questions. Simply call us on 1300 798 274.

How can I be confident of the quality of the Reports?

EYEON is focused on providing excellent customer service. The quality of reports and follow up advice is central to our service ethic.

Do I have to buy or order Reports from

Purchasing or ordering your reports from is a simple process but you can also obtain our reports from our customer service centre by calling 1300 798 274.

Can I get a report on a property that isn’t listed on

If your target property is in an area which we cover, we can arrange for a Report to be prepared for that property. To order a report please follow the prompt on the site or call us on 1300 798 274.