Strata Inspections and Reports

A Strata Records Inspection is a search of the records of an Owners Corporation (Strata Scheme) to determine its current position. The main purpose of such inspection is to help you make a more informed decision about what kind of building you would be buying into.

In most cases, our inspectors look at at least 5 years worth of records and supply at least 3 years worth of records. If the building has a history of issues, e.g. building works, litigation etc we would include as much relevant information as possible, meaning it can go back 5 years in attachments and/or more if relevant.

Some of the information you will find in any EYEON Strata Report includes:

• current levies and due dates
• current financial situation of the Owners Corporation
• insurance and valuation
• any building issues
• by-law breaches and harmony issues
• any legal matters
• minutes to past meetings
• building works
• compliance matters such as Fire Safety and Asbestos Management
• information regarding keeping of pets
All EYEON Strata Reports are written in an easy-to-read format.

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Our promise to you?

• All inspections are conducted by highly experienced and insured inspectors.
• Our team reviews all Strata Reports to ensure reliability and independence.
• Existing Reports are available for instant download and you can access them multiple times. We also encourage you to take advantage of our full follow up service and contact our customer service team and the inspector. You can ask as many questions as you want.
• Every Standard Price Report is eligible for a rebate if you don’t buy the property.

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