While education, industry knowledge and connections are all important elements of being a successful real estate agent, there is something else that will ultimately define your success – your mindset.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the property market due to Covid-19. Some commentators are predicting an influx of mortgagee sales once government support payments are phased out. But borrowers might also find it more difficult to get financing approvals.

For many agents selling during and after the Covid-19 pandemic will require them to re-evaluate their current sales methods.

Most training sessions and programs for agents are centred around listings: how to get new ones, and how to sell them fast. Little (if any) emphasis is placed on customer relationships, retention, and quality service. In the end, the industry is dominated with real estate agents who work in a “catch and kill” mode, constantly chasing leads, over-selling and under-delivering. This often means neglecting the professionalism they so proudly put in their profile description.

This is not a healthy mindset, and every day becomes a competition they can never truly win. Of course, it is natural to think that securing more listings than somebody else will make you more successful. And in the short term that might work. After all, property buyers and sellers come and go, and ongoing customer relationships aren’t that important.

But this is a broken equation.

If you have poor business ethics and an arrogant or “used-car salesman” attitude, your local community will wake up before long.

The truth is – there will always be listings for hard working agents with the right attitude to their customers. They let their marketing systems, network and referrals find the prospects for them. They care more about how they interact with sellers and – even more importantly – buyers.

Here at EYEON, we speak to sellers and buyers every day, and so many are frustrated with their agent for various reasons: unreturned calls or emails, incorrect information, pushy and even aggressive behaviour and so on. Frustrated clients would never think of recommending these agents to their family or friends. Many agents seem to ignore this huge word of mouth and referral potential.

By making your client’s journey a pleasant one – you will have a loyal advocate for life.

Even if a buyer doesn’t buy through you, they are likely to choose or recommend you as their selling agent because you earned their trust. Opportunities will start coming your way. It’s really as simple as that.

In these difficult times, it’s a great opportunity to re-think your business strategy.

And you are not alone. There are services that add value to your clients and improve your service at the same time. Our services might be just the thing you need to add more depth and transparency to your property marketing, and require almost no time or effort on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you make your clients journey easier, call us today on 1300 798 274.

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