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Property Buyer - Strata Reports and Building and Pest reports

Buying property? We can help you with the checks.

We provide high quality Strata Reports and Building and Pest Reports, all coming with a great follow-up support to answer all your questions.

First, let’s check if there already is an EYEON report available on the property you want.

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Please don’t hesitate contacting our friendly customer service team on 1300 798 274 if you have any questions.


“A huge thanks not just to the inspectors who looked at the numerous properties I was interested in, but also to the office staff who made the booking process so simple and more importantly, quick! I finally had some luck at auction and have secured a house, but there were quite a few properties beforehand which required urgent reports. On every occasion, the team went out of their way to help and provide reliable advice which gave the comfort that I could go to auction and bid with confidence. I can’t be happier with your service. Thanks again for the peace-of-mind!”

Daniel A, Buyer


To us, property inspections are a lot more than just a report. It’s about helping people. We make sure you receive the best service in the industry and have a great experience whenever you deal with us.

Our promise to you?

• Guaranteed independent and thorough reports.
• All inspections are conducted by experienced and insured inspectors.
• Our friendly customer service team looks after all aspects of the inspection and keeps you updated throughout the process.
• All inspection reports are reviewed to ensure reliability and independence.
• A quality follow up support is available on all reports – ask us as many questions as you like.
• All standard price reports are eligible for a rebate if you don’t buy the property.

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Property Buyer - Strata Reports and Building and Pest reports

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