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7 Reasons Why Free Property Inspection Reports Don’t Help Anyone

When it comes to Property Inspection Reports, the quality of information about the property varies greatly and so does the quality of the service. And when it comes to Free…

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Can Renovations Work Against Your Sale?

What if you are ready to sell your apartment but find out you have unapproved renovations and have to put the sale on hold? Take this recent example. A great…

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Are Building Inspectors Costing Vendors Sales?

Building inspection reports are sometimes blamed for buyers withdrawing their interest in a property. Occasionally it’s true but most of the time it’s not. Buyers often walk away for a…

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Getting Ready to Sell Your Apartment?

Unlike a house, where you are in control of the whole property, selling an apartment is different. Sure, you can make your apartment very attractive to buyers by de-cluttering, freshening…

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Has Your Agent Talked to You About the Condition of Your Property?

Selling a property is stressful and you have to worry about many things, including choosing the right real estate agent. And when it comes to choosing an agent, you want…

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Building Inspection Tips – On the Roof

Finally, we are on the roof. We all know why the roof is there. But there are different roof types and a variety of signs of a weakening or damaged…

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